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When this project born, in 2002, the purpose was to create a set of installation disks (rescue, root, drivers) of Linux Debian supporting the powerful open source XFS filesystem by SGI. After some time of inactivity I have decided to re-start the work in order to create a full installation system supporting XFS with all its features and also innovative cluster filesystems like the recently opensourced GFS from Sistina/RedHat.

New stuff

You can find on the download area the deb kernel packages on which I'm working to start the creation of my floppies and ISO installer. It's a sort of experimental pre-release using the new vanilla kernel and the GFS patches from RedHat (c) CVS.

Very old stuff

I've a rescue disk based on kernel 2.4.18 patched with XFS 1.0.2 SGI packages and JFS 1.0.15.


20040828 - Released the main utilities for the GFS cluster package

20040827 - Released first kernel packages after restarting of the project

20040624 - RedHat opensourced GFS:

20020329 - I've released also a LILO based rescue disk.
You can use it also on other linux distributions. :)
This is the kernel config file I've used for the disk.

Woody XFS Net Install CD Image!
Eduard Bloch, maintainer of the bf2.4 kernel-image, cooked up XFS install disks and some Net install ISOs. XFS is available in the "initalize partition" menu, so no requirement to flip to the second console and fiddle with makefs.xfs.
Our work it's finished? :)

Ionut Georgescu has made a wonderful work on Debian GNU/Linux Installer with SGI XFS support.
I'm trying to collaborate with him in a unified project.

Serguei Tzukanov provided some patches for GRUB to support XFS and JFS.
Look at his page.